Sports Marketing

Preparation Project for Sports Marketing Simulation

We will close the semester by completing a Sports Marketing Simulation—and we need to prepare! So, for this project your team will choose a chapter from your Sports Marketing textbook, complete the following assignments in that chapter, and then teach your chapter to the rest of the class.

Note: You may choose only a chapter that we have not covered in class. In addition, no duplicate chapters will be allowed.

1. Complete a vocabulary document that includes all of the terms and their definitions for your chapter.
2. Complete the “Winning Strategies” at the beginning of the chapter.
3. Complete all of the “Intermission” sections in the chapter.
4. Complete the Chapter Review at the end of the chapter (complete only 2 of the questions in the “Make Connections” section of the Chapter Review).
5. Prepare a Presentation that illustrates/outlines the important aspects of your chapter. You may choose to create a PowerPoint, a video, a game, a podcast…you choose the medium—just remember that your presentation must be at least 25 minutes long.
6. Utilizing your Presentation, teach your chapter to the class.

As you complete each assignment, turn it in for grading.
All written assignments are due no later than the end of class on Thursday, May 7. Team presentations are due by the end of class on Friday, May 8. Once completed, post your presentation (or the link to your presentation) below your team number.

Team 1 - Chapter 7: Sports Marketing

s&em project.swf

Team 2 - Chapter 8: Entertainment Industry

Wiki Page:
Slide Show: Welcome To Sports & Entertainment Marketing Chapter 8.pps

Team 3 - Chapter 6: Advancing the Cause

Team 4 - Chapter 3: Professional Sports

Team 5 - Chapter 4: Marketing Products and Services Through Sports

Team 6 - Chapter 12: Legal Issues

Team 7 - Chapter 5: Public Images

Team 8 - Chapter 10: Recreation Marketing

TEAM 8 Presentation