"Rock On" Project Parameters

Assignment 1

Band Naming and Logo Design

Before your artist/band is ready to start planning the tour, they need to come up with a name and logo design.

Your first task is to come up with a memorable name for your artist/band. Use the website www.bandnamemaker.com/
to help you with the creative process. On your project page list five possible names then pick the one that you feel is the best. Remember you will use this name for the rest of the project!!

After you have chosen your name, your next task is to design a logo. The logo is very important because it will help establish the identity of your artist/group. This logo will appear on everything related to your artist/group: cd cover, merchandise, backstage passes, tour bus etc. Make sure the logo is well designed and original. Design the logo on the computer. You will need to create a JPEG file (picture) in Publisher and then upload the picture onto your Team Page. Be sure to save a copy of your logo into your student folder on the server. A good place to find free fonts you can use to help you create your logo is www.urbanfonts.com. These are free fonts...you won't even need to download them to use them for your band name.

Here are some other sites to help you create a truly unique logo: www.picnik.com, www.graffiticreator.net, www.bighugelabs.com

Assignment 2

Band/Artist Biography

You are to develop a brief biography/history of your band. Although you won't need to write a dissertation, your biography must be detailed enough to create your niche and target your market. Answer the following questions to create your profile:
  • Band Name
  • Music Style
  • Members of the group & Music instruments played
  • Discography (Previous Released cd’s and titles)
  • Write a brief history of the band-When they formed, major milestones, beak-ups, past concert highlights etc. You will be taking a picture together as you are the members of the band. You will need to bring costumes/gear to class so that we can create more 'authentic' pictures of your band. You will place photo on your Team Project Page

Assignment 3

Tour Name/Sponsor

Devise a name for the upcoming U.S. tour. This name will appear on all advertising materials and merchandise. Many groups tie the name in with their current cd title but you may use a different approach. In addition to a tour name, list a corporate sponsor of the tour. For example “Sprint Present the Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour”. List the name of a company or a product that would fit the image of the band and would appeal to your core listener. Also remember that your sponsor must be 'school appropriate.'

Assignment 4

Concert Tour Research
Before you plan your own tour, you will conduct some research. Therefore for assignment 4 you are to assume the role of the manager of a popular music group who is planning a U. S. tour. To help with your planning, you are going to research a current concert tour.
1. Using websites such as www.//pollstar.com// and www.//livedaily.com//, you will find a current music tour that has a minimum of (10) stops in the United States.
2. Creating a Google map, plot out the various scheduled tour stops.
3. Label each stop according to the order in which it is scheduled i.e. the first stop would be #1, the second #2 and so on.
4. After saving the Google Map, print a copy of the map and a couple of pictures of the artist/band that you chose.
6. Make sure to put the name of the band/artist at the very top of the page! You can choose any type of artist that you wish (rock, country, rap, etc.)
7. When you are finished, staple the map and pictures together and turn in for grading.
8. Embed your map (labeled with the artist's name) on your wiki page.

Assignment 5 Plot the Tour

Now that you have completed your research, you are to schedule a 20 city tour of the U.S. for your band. Creating a Google Map, plot out your tour. Label the first stop as #1, the second as #2 and so on. You will need to add the following details to EACH stop:
1. Name of Venue
2. Total number of seats available
3. Concert Date
4. Time Concert Begins
5. Name of Opening Act (This needs to be a local act in that city/area).
Create a table to store the required information. Print the table and turn it in for grading. Remember, to schedule your tour in a natural progression of traveling across the U.S. i.e. allow for travel/rest time and schedule the dates in cities that are within a feasible traveling distance of one another. Once you have plotted your tour on the Google Map, embed a widget of the map on your team page. Be certain that all the items listed are included in the details of each plot.

Assignment 6

Ticket Prices
Using the ticketmaster website, research the ticket prices for (5) upcoming concerts of artists in your band's genre. List the name of the artist, date, venue name/location, and the various price levels for each show. Make certain to research musical acts that are similar to your group in type of music played and popularity. Create a table of your research and include the information below:

  • Date
  • Artist
  • Venue/Location
  • Price Levels
Print your table and turn in for grading. Now, establish the various ticket price levels for your band on the upcoming tour. Justify your choices. Post your ticket prices and justification on your Team Page.

Assignment 7

Tour Bus Design

Every band needs a tour bus so they may travel from venue to venue in style. Your job is to design the tour bus for the upcoming U.S. tour. Using Fireworks or a similiar program, paste a photo of a tour bus in the program and create the outside design . Also create an drawing or find applicable pictures depicting an aerial view of the layout of the inside of the bus. Include the sleep/lounge areas and the bathrooms. Include your pictures on your Team Page.

Assignment 8 Compact Disc Cover Design Using Fireworks, Publisher or BigHugeLags, design the compact disc cover for your latest album. 1. Include a design for the outside front cover-Make sure to include the band name and title of the cd (school appropriate please!)

2. Back cover (include song listing on the back)

3. Inside sleeve-could include the photo of your band, or an artistic design.

4. Each design should be 5 inches by 5 inches in size. Go to “File + Picture Setup” to create your size

Be artistic and creative! You may surf the net in order to find inspiration for your albums. Please save your design on your project page and print a color copy for display.

Assignment 9

Concert Poster Design
Your task is to create a rock concert poster for one of the dates scheduled on your upcoming U.S. tour. These posters will be hung around the two weeks before the concert in order to drum up interest in the show. The posters will be printed out in color. Google “Rock Concert Posters" for some samples. Make sure to include the following:
  • Name of Band/Opening Act
  • Concert date/time
  • Venue location
  • Ticket buying info-prices, phone number etc.
  • Your Tour sponsor
You will create the poster using the tools on www.bighugelabs.com . You will need to register first, but registration is free. Be sure to include your band picture and save the poster into your student folder. Then, you will upload your poster to your team page.

Assignment 10

Rock Swag Design
A big part of revenue for any band is merchandise sales. As a result, it is your job to design various types of merchandise that will be sold at the concert venues and on the band’s website. All merchandise should include the band’s logo and possibly the name of the current tour. You are to create one item for each category below:
T-shirts: Design a tour shirt: (We will print this out on special paper and iron it on an actual t-shirt)
Collectibles: items that a person would not use (miniature guitar, gold record) etc.
Apparel (other than a tee)-hats, jackets etc

We will photograph your swag and you will upload pictures of your swag onto your team page. Be sure to keep things school appropriate.

Assignment 11

Stage Design
Using a computer Program, create the stage design that will be used by your band on the upcoming tour. Make sure the design will fit in the type of venues in which you will be playing. Check out Google images keyword “Concert Stage Design” for design ideas. You may use Fireworks or www.bighugelabs.com to help you create an electronic picture of your stage.

Assignment 12

Backstage Pass Design
Using the Badge Maker on www.bighugelabs.com , design the backstage pass that will be laminated and worn around the necks of all your roadies, management, guests etc. The pass should measure 4 inches wide by 5 inches in length. The name of your band, the title “Backstage Pass”, and the name of your tour should be quite visible. The pass will only be one-sided. Be artistic and creative. You may use a design similar to your cd cover or new artwork design. Be sure to save the file in your student folder. Upload a picture of your backstage pass to your team page, and print a color copy for laminating.

Assignment 13

Utilizing a tri-fold board, create a collage of the artifacts you created for this project. Remember that these will be displayed in the library, so make them "ROCK ON."

Once you have completed your collage, creat a blog entry that chronicles your experience with this project. What did you learn? How did you apply the marketing mix? Who was your target market and how did you choose to position yourself in the market? How did you combine the 7-key functions of marketing in your project?