-Assignment 1
-Isamar, Sean- Michael, and Cristian
-Assignment 2
Isamar Onofre- Vocalist
Cristian Barrera- Guitarist
Sean- Michael Alvarez- Drummer

Genre- Punk Rock
Bands Name- Panic! Panda

CDs Tittle- Panic!! Disorder.
- Form in 1998 in The City of Houston TX . The band started of with there first hit single that rock out every one!! " Panic!! Disorder"
They saled over a millions copys. Panic! Panda is one of the few bands that has made it big their first years. Isamar the Vocalist is from Los Angeles CA.
Cristian Barrera the Guitarist is from Matamoros MX. And we cant forget about our Drummer Sean- Michael he is from Houston TX. Where they all meat and went to school together!
They all went to Spring Woods High School. They onwed a Studio where they would always practice after school.
They even got to play there music at there school prom and many other partys that they would invite them to sing.
Panic! Panic was sponsor by Alexander Grant and he really help them with popularity . He would get them in events were they would get to perform at local clubs on weekends or after school.
Many of Isamar, Cristian, and Sean- Micahel friends became there fans!! Now they are one of the top Bands

-Assignment 3
-Sponsor by;
external image volcom22zq2.jpg Volcom presents The Panic! Disorder Tour

-Assignment 4
Concert tour Research

-Assignment 5
Panic! Panda Concert Tour

-Assignment 6
- Tickects
Panic! Panda Presenting in;
12/03/08- Houston, TX located at 3720 Raymond st. Kobain Bar, Price for each tickect $ 25.00
12/04/08- Dallas, TX located at 718 N Buckner Blvd # 108 White Rock Sport Bar, Price for each tickect $20.00
12/06/08- San Antonio, TX located at 450 Soledad St. Bond's 007 Rock Bar, Price for each tickect $25.00
12/09/08- Orlando, FL located at 7065 Westpoint Blvd. Roll Bar, Price for each tickect $25.00
12/11/08- Miami, FL located at 3200 W Hallandale Beach Blvd. Baller's Rock and Roll Sports Bar, Price for each tickect $20.00
12/13/08- Atlanta, GA located at 1578 Piedmond Ave NE Smiths Olde Bar, Price for each tickect $20.00
12/16/08- New York, NY located at 8500 Essington Ave. Jet Rock Bar n Grill, Price for each tickect $20.00
12/18/08- Springfield, IL located at 3075 Normandy Rd. Club Chrome, Price for each tickect $25.00
12/21/08- Minneapolis, MN located at 629 Cedar Ave St. Triple Rock, Price for each tickect $20.00
12/31/08- Salt Lake City, UT located at 1249 E 3300 St. Liquid Joe's, Price for $30.00

-Assignment 7
-Panic! Panda tour Bus
-Panic! Panda Inside tour Bus

-Assignment 8
-Panic! Panda CD Cover

-Assignment 9
-Panic! Panda Concert Poster Design

-Assignment 10
-Panic! Panda Rock Swag Design

-Assignment 11
-Panic! Panda Stage Design

-Assignment 12
-Panic! Panda Backstage Pass Design

Assignment 13
Isamar's Blog
Cristian's Blog
Sean- Michael's Blog