Assignment 1-

Band Naming and Logo Design


Assignment 2-

Band/Artist Biography

  • Band Name: Falling Stars
  • Genre:Alternate Rock
  • Band Members: Rock Star the Vocalist, Alvin the Guitarist. Raul the Drummer.

  • Lyrics written and produced by the vocalist of the band, Rock Star.
Previous released cd’s and hit songs:
  • 1st Album:
Falling Stars
  • 2nd Album:
Stars Keep Falling
  • Hit Songs:
“Thin Line Between Love and Hate”
“Lost in the Stars”
“Falling in the Dark”

The Falling Stars was founded by lead vocalist rock star. They formed in the mid 90’s. It was at a local concert held at Seattle Washington, the Woodstock festival. There he noticed two young gentlemen Named Raul and Alvin. Raul and Alvin had an extraordinary ability. They played with such passion and emotion . Raul and Alvin are the former drummer and guitarist of a band called the yellow rectangles, a alternative rock group. The three met up and formed the Falling Stars.

When the three met each other, they had different goals, but knew that their music would let them reach those goals. Raul, the drummer of the band, wanted his music to help out the community. He would donate some of his money to local and national shelter programs, not limited to humans, but to animals as well.

Alvin, the guitarist chooses to donate his money to local children hospitals. Over the years he has donated over 6 million dollars to local, and national hospital organizations. He plans to donate his money to these causes for a long time.

Rockstar, the vocalist, isnt as charitable as the other two, he plans to keep his money to himself, for the most part. He may donate to something from time to time, but just to gain the band more publicity and popularity and also to make himself look good.

After the three met and formed the Falling Stars, they started off pretty well. They never had any problems when it came to finding a gig. After playing at random clubs for many months, they were soon discovered by a famous record label, after which they were signed to that label for about 3-4 years. During their 3-4 years they had their ups and downs, but most of it was settled before it escalated into something big. On their third year the band started to get recognized, and won many awards, both individual and group. This is probably what leaded to the next thing, they started to have money issues, someone wanted more than the other due to them having more awards, or being recognized more, someone else wanted to add more members to the group, it was just hectic. Before their contract ended, the three decided they were better off alone, and didnt need each other, so they split up.

They went solo for a few months, each playing at random clubs and gigs that decided to give them a chance, but each time they blew it. The media was all over it as well, one of the headlines for all that happened was "The Falling Stars have finally Fallen.". They soon came to realize that they were not great alone, and needed the skill of the other members to sound good. They soon called each other up, discussed the problems they previously encountered, and reformed once again, as the Falling Stars.

Assignment 3-

Tour Name/Sponsor

GatoradeLogo_Litho2.jpg Gatorade presents "The Falling Stars Supernova Tour"

Assignment 4-

Concert Tour Research

Assignment 5

Assignment 6-

Ticket Prices

Tickets for each stop in the tour will cost $66.00 at the door but 60$ if you order online. We tried to find the cheapest ticket, then the highest ticket, and from there found something in the middle that most people would be willing to pay.

Assignment 7-

Tour Bus Design

external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpgInterior_of_bus.png

Assignment 8-

Compact Disc Cover Design


Assignment 9-

Concert Poster Design


Assignment 10-



Assignment 11-

Stage Design


Assignment 12-

Backstage Pass Design


Assognment 13
Shawn's blog link

Raul's blog link
Alvin Blog