Project Page for Team 6 - Semester 2


Assignment 1 Our new rap group is called Spring Branch 080. As Spring Branch is the part of town we live in and 080 is the last three digits of our zip code. We also created a new logo featuring our band name in a shield.


Assighnment 2-Band/Artist Biography

The Spring Branch 080's are as much intertwined in the Houston rap scene as some of the other more famous rappers such as Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and And Lil Flip. Starting off in 2002 the three man crew met outside a bank as all three planned to rob it. As they were about to walk in 40 CAL tripped on the curb and cut his knee. He started bleeding so the new group decided not to rob the bank. While in the ER waiting for 40 CAL to get stitches, they created the dopest 18 track underground album that West Houston had ever seen. 3 years later, the 080's signed a recording deal with Swishahouse. Rival recording company Rap-a-Lot had just signed the Kool Kids Klub and the birth of the most intense rap feud ever was born. Both Groups released CD's in 2006 and both went Triple Platinum but KKK sold 200,000 more albums due to some bad publicity over an alleged rape case concerning WB (all charges were dismissed as the plaintiff was later found dead in her apartment the night before the Jury's verdict and a mistrial was declared). Now in 2009, Spring Branch 080's plan to demolish the KKK's with their clever lyrics, sick beats, and an even playing field. The 080's new album "Da Branch" has set the record for the album with the most pre-orders ever in history according to Billboard and the album isn't set to release until at least winter as delays have occurred in producing the high volume of CD's needed for a successful release.

Assignment 3- Tour Name and Sponser
Drank Logo -


Drank "Slow Your Roll" North American Tour

Assignment 4- Map Tours

Snoop Dogg

Assignment 5- Plot Tour

Our Chart telling all our information about our tour

Assignment 6- Ticket Prices

Concert Ticket Research

The Spring Branch 080's decided to charge a flat rate for each ticket and have free for all seating. Each Ticktet will be sold for $45 and only enough tickets as there are seats will be sold. Special Floor seats will also be sold also for $45 but you have to ask for them and only a limited number will be sold at each venue. It will be first come first sold at the door.

Exterior of Bus-

Assignment 7- Tour Bus


Tour Bus Interior-


Assignment 8- CD Cover Design


Assignment 9


Assignment 10- Swag design


Car -

Assignment 11- stage


Assignment 12-Backstage Pass


Assignment 13